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KOMORI - LR-38/578S

The world standard in single-size blanket cylinder web is capable of consistent, high-quality printing.

Available in three models, offering cutoff size of 625mm, 578mm or 598.5mm.

It is equipped with Full-APC* for changing all 8 plates in two minutes as well as a range of value-adding folding options to provide the flexibility for meeting all customer needs.

Equipped with the KHS-AI (Advanced Interface) as standard equipment. The press thus effectively achieves shortened makeready time and reduced waste paper. Also, providing the press with AI-Link* (integrated control system that covers peripheral devices) and Smart Sequence allows for a further reduction in waste paper and shorter makeready time.

Technical Specification

Cutoff- 578 mm

Maximum Web Width- 965 mm

Minimum Web Width- 625 mm

Non-printing Gap (4/4)- 10mm

Maximum Sheet size- 965mm x 568mm

Maximum Printing Speed- 42,000 per hour

Thickness- 40 - 130 GSM

Automatic- Yes

Maximum Web Roll Diameter- 1,100 mm

Maximum Web Roll Weight- 1200 Kg

Four (4) KOMORI original web offset printing units are supplied with the following features.



  • Unique cast rigid iron base construction with box frame design on the drive side for anti-vibration.

  • Using special quality bearings on all cylinders makes shock vibration reduced and smoothly cylinder-throwing on and off.

  • Solid plate and blanket cylinder with hard chrome plating.

  • Bearers of high-quality hardened steel are shrunk onto the cylinder body.

  • Individual cooled oil lubrication to all cylinder bearings with automatic greasing where applicable.

  • Eight (8) motorized register adjustments consisting of lateral (+/-3.0mm) and circumferential (+/-3.0mm) with automatic compensation of plate roller setting. The nip pressure is constantly kept in same, even if the register is moved.

  • Unit clutch with torque limiter to prevent machine damage.

  • Electromagnetic de-clutching of drive and inking clutch by a pneumatic cylinder.


Inking units

  • Large capacity ink duct with steel ink fountain roller.

  • Individual ink duct keys controlled by PQC system

  • The inking unit is comprised of large diameter rollers both upper and lower. Three large rubber-covered form rollers of different diameters.

  • Three copper oscillation rollers are cooled in each inker by means of water circulation.

  • The ink fountain roller kickback system is supplied to the upper and lower inking unit. The ink fountain roller is reversed sometime in rotations to take out the hickey between the ink keys and the fountain roller.

  • Ink oscillation form roller is fitted on the 1st form roller.

  • The ink roller wash-up blade and tray are remotely controlled.


  1. One (1) Splicer: One (1) KOMORI original Flying Paster integrated Infeed unit. Model: FPI-40/4322

  2. One (1) Infeed : KOMORI original Infeed unit built-in style integrated with Flying paster

  3. Printing units : Four (4) KOMORI original web offset printing units supplied with the following features. Model: LR-38/578S

  4. Construction

  5. Inking Unit

  6. Dampening system: The KOMORI original dampening system supplies minimum water for sharp dot productivity and is controlled by PQC system.

  7. Semi Automatic Plate Changer (APC) for plate mounting

  8. Motorized Plate Cocking

  9. Bustle wheels

  10. Printing unit auxiliary package

  11. One (1) Baldwin BL-8.0 dampening water circulating system with heat exchanger consisting of the following;

  12. Air Gases Techno Dryer Model: CZX-128N

  13. One (1) Chill Roll Stand

  14. Web guide

  15. One (1) Web path/Drag unit

  16. KOMORI Silicon Applicator (Speed synchronized)

  17. KOMORI KHS-AI (Advanced Interface) system

  18. PQC Printing Quality Control System (Console upper/lower integrated type)

  19. Two (2) Auxiliary equipment console

  20. One (1) Independent folder operation console

  21. Web severer and Web break detection system

  22. Press drive system

  23. KOMORI Automatic Plate Bender

  24. Automatic Register System

  25. Komori CIP3/4 Converting software PCC IV


Documents and Operational panels

Technical documents, such as, operational manuals shall be supplied in English language. Parts books and electrical diagrams shall be supplied in English language. Operational panels have no language but pictograms.


Standard Accessories:

One (1) set of consumable spare parts, one (1) unit of spare roller cores of inker and one (1) unit of spare dampening rubber rollers.

Attached Recommendable spare parts for extra stock use shall be provided as package components inclusively.

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