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Astronic sewing machine

An ergonomic control console for fast, easy and safe operation of the printing press using the latest technological and ergonomic innovations, consisting of:

1.Prinect Print Center Console:

  • Modern touch screen with high-quality TFT (Thin Film Transistor) technology

  • Adjustable height and inclination

  • Ink zone display with separate coarse and fine diode display of the ink profile

  • Additional control panels with touch-sensitive buttons and press information display at the feeder and the delivery.


2.Prinect PrintCenter software:

  • Remote control of the circumferential, lateral, and diagonal register and of the ink fountain roller.

  • Presetting of all important press functions, Automatic program flows, e.g. for wash-up procedures or ink shutoff

  • Country-specific support in 26 languages

  • Faster inking unit reaction with ‘Colour Booster’

  • Intelligent pre and post-dampening

  • Online operating manual and online spare parts catalog, Online help center with text information boxes

  • Job preparation for presenting a job before or during printing

Technical Specification

  • Control panel

  • Headop automatic feeder

  • Sewing machine

  • Delivery

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