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An ergonomic control console for fast, easy and safe operation of the printing press using the latest technological and ergonomic innovations, consisting of:

1.Prinect Print Center Console:

  • Modern touch screen with high-quality TFT (Thin Film Transistor) technology

  • Adjustable height and inclination

  • Ink zone display with separate coarse and fine diode display of the ink profile

  • Additional control panels with touch-sensitive buttons and press information display at the feeder and the delivery.


2.Prinect PrintCenter software:

  • Remote control of the circumferential, lateral, and diagonal register and of the ink fountain roller.

  • Presetting of all important press functions, Automatic program flows, e.g. for wash-up procedures or ink shutoff

  • Country-specific support in 26 languages

  • Faster inking unit reaction with ‘Colour Booster’

  • Intelligent pre and post-dampening

  • Online operating manual and online spare parts catalog, Online help center with text information boxes

  • Job preparation for presenting a job before or during printing



  • Preset tape feeder with sheet smoother, automatic sheet size adjustment in the feeder and the delivery.

  • Automatic, contactless lateral pile alignment by means of an ultrasonic sensor

  • Pile lifting adjusted to stock thickness

  • Heidelberg comfort suction head with Motor driven adjustment of the suction head height and Speed compensated blast air

  • Automatic misalignment correction by means of a motor driven adjustment of the forwarding suckers, controlled by the Prinect PrintCenter

  • Control panel with touch sensitive buttons and press information display.

  • 2 feeder pile boards, 1 set of hold down rods and circular brushes, 1 set of suckers and air blast nozzles for porous papers


4.Printing Unit:

  • New design of the DRUPA 2004 generation with modified guards

  • Chromium plated plate cylinders, Heidelberg AutoPlate System

  • Remote control of the circumferential, lateral,, and diagonal register

  • Automatic follow up of the 1st and 4th inking form roller and of the dampening form roller in case of a diagonal register correction

  • Coarse adjustment of the circumferential register (360 degree)

  • Printing nip blowing device at the sheet infeed between blanket cylinder and impression cylinder

  • Triple diameter transfer drum between the printing units

  • Pneumatic impression control mechanised

  • Sheet travel sensor for monitoring the sheet transport through the press

Technical Specification

Machine Speed- 15,000 sheets / hour

Weight- 22000 Kg.

Year of Manufacturing- 2008

Maximum Sheet size- 720 x 1,020 mm

Minimum Sheet size- 340 x 480 mm 

Thickness- 500 gsm and above

Automatic- Yes

Model- CD 102-4 Basic

Country of Origin- Germany

Type- 4-Colour Offset Printing Press


  1. Prinect Print Center Console

  2. Prinect PrintCenter software

  3. Feeding

  4. Printing Unit

  5. Inking Unit

  6. Dampening system

  7. Coating System

  8. Delivery

  9. Miscellaneous:

CD 102-4 Basic- 1

Day light lamp with viewing board- 1

Additional job memory card- 5

UPS for Prinect PrintCenter- 1

Preset Plus Feeder- 1

Nonstop device- 1

Stream Control- 1

AutoPlate with Heidelberg Registe- 5

Air Transfer System – 4 units- 1

Blanket cylinder gauge metric- 1

Alcohot tester- 1

Basic preparation for inking unit temperature control (distributors + ink fountain rollers are prepared without spare parts)- 1

Automatic ink roller wash-up device- 5

Non-stop device with rake and secondary pile hoist- 1

DryStar 2000 ink / dryer cabinet air cooled- 1

1 Grafix Betatronic 100- 1

Eltex antistatic device- 1

Register bar for film image assembly- 1

Register bar for plate making- 1

Adapter bar for plate making- 1

Ink fountain foil for CP (0.19 mms)- 5

Ink fountain protection foil for CP- 5

Positioning foil symmetric- 2

Instant Gate- 1

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